A new barbecue experience

Gone are the days when the barbecue master spent his life on the sidelines.
From now on there is the common grill and pleasure experience.

Remundi “Barbecue Experience” is a complete concept for events of all kinds.
Whether it’s a family barbecue or a giant party – everyone has fun together here.



The entry level series without frills



High quality fireplace with many extras as standard


Barbecue modules

Prepare different dishes separately at the same time



For a varied barbecue experience



The innovative grill concept



Garden furniture and wood storage

Brand new: The Smoke Tube

Upgrade your Remundi with our new smoker accessories.

Gently and evenly cooked, the grilled food in the smoker gets its incomparable smoky note.

Remundi Pro

Robust appearance and high-quality workmanship – Remundi fireplaces combine all these aspects and bring them together at their peak.

Our Pro fireplaces are also equipped as standard with a continuously adjustable supply air regulation system.

Versatile in use

The special geometry of our grill plate creates an uneven heat distribution, which allows the preparation of any kind of food.

Our fireplaces also offer a harmonious and rustic campfire atmosphere, even if you do not want to barbecue.

Remundi Classic

The innovative table grill combination for family celebrations or large events.
Our Classic series is also particularly suitable for the catering trade or for large events.
For frying the grilled food, gondolas rotate on their own axis.
  • Ready for use in a few seconds

    No long waiting, the Remundi Classic can be put into operation at any time – even during surprise visits.

  • Simple operation

    It will be ready for use in a few minutes. No complicated setup.

  • Longer evenings outside

    Thanks to the radiant heater function, it stays pleasantly warm for a long time and you can enjoy the evenings outside longer.

  • Clean and healthy cooking

    The food to be grilled does not come into direct contact with the grilling surface or the grill grid. The meat juice does not drip into the embers. No substances harmful to health (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are produced.

  • Easy cleaning

    Very easy cleaning, as the meat juice drips directly into the bowls of the gondolas. No tedious cleaning of the grill grid.

Our recipe ideas

Whether meat, fish or vegetables – tried and tested grill specialities can be spiced up with a few clever, tasty variations.

Every recipe can be recooked with our Remundi grills.

Where do you get Remundi?

Our products can be purchased from our sales partners throughout Europe.