Remundi Classic

The barbecue experience of a special kind

Ideal for family celebrations, parties or a nice get-together in the evening.

The revolutionary grill system

The Remundi Classic Grill defines a completely new grilling experience that you have never seen before. With a single grill, an entire party party can be treated to all kinds of barbecue food.

Whether steaks, skewers, vegetables, fish, mulled wine or even tree striations – everything is possible with the Remundi Grill.

The many possible combinations of the grill gondolas offer barbecue enjoyment for everyone.

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Fancy a winter barbecue?

The Remundi Classic is the optimal solution for the barbecue experience in winter. Thanks to the warmth of the radiant heater, the barbecue remains pleasantly warm and cosy even when the temperature drops.

The preparation of mulled wine in a pot and delicious pastries on the tree stalk turns even the coldest winter evening into a cosy barbecue and pleasure experience ❤

Tender meat thanks to rest periods

The required grilling heat is generated in the centre of the grill by means of a gas burner. This radiates the heat evenly to the outside. The outer grill gondolas, which are arranged around the burner, rotate around their own axis, whereby the skewered food is grilled evenly from all sides.

The rotating movement allows the food to rest when it is turned away from the heat for a short time. This makes tough meat a thing of the past.

Clean and healthy preparation

The food to be grilled does not come into direct contact with the grilling surface or the grill grid. The meat juice does not drip into the embers, so that no harmful substances (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are formed. Instead, the fat drips into the designated drip tray of the respective grill gondola.

After use, these can simply be put in the dishwasher and everything is clean again. No tedious cleaning of the grill grid.

Wide range of colours

Up to six gondolas can be hung in the Remundi Classic Grill simultaneously. Select or combine your favourites from our wide range of accessories from up to seven different types of gondola.

All gondolas are available in a stainless steel and in a colourful ceramic version.

Our Remundi Classics with gondola attachment already come standard with six different gondola models made of stainless steel for an extensive barbecue experience.

Find your favourite Grill

We offer our Remundi Classic in different sizes: suitable for every family size and party!

Remundi Grill with own company name

The Remundi Classic gas barbecue is also particularly suitable for use in catering establishments, as it can grill a variety of delicacies at the same time. It can be individually printed with your company logo and colours by us and is a real eye-catcher at events and functions.

Interested? Simply use our contact form to request an offer. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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I have questions about the Remundi products

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Where do you get Remundi?

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