Remundi Pro

Grilling with style

Various grilled foods can be prepared perfectly on the hot fire plate. The reduced shape design and high-quality workmanship make the Remundi Pro a very special, exclusive barbecue grill that will be an eye-catcher in any garden.

Perfect grilling experience

The Remundi Pro can be fuelled with both classic firewood and charcoal.

The maintenance-free grilling surface offers temperature zones between 100° and 350° C. Due to the special geometry, the heat is not distributed evenly everywhere, so that there are areas with different heat development, allowing you to prepare any type of food.

Every grill is handmade

Only durable and robust materials are used for the unique Remundi products.

Our manufactory manufactures each fireplace almost exclusively by hand and with great attention to detail.

The natural corrosion process as well as the preheating of the grill plate form the conclusion of a 4-week production period.

Adjustable supply air regulation

Our fireplaces are equipped with an infinitely adjustable air supply regulation system made of stainless steel. This component can be operated and continuously adjusted using the handle.

By lifting out the regulation, the resulting ashes can be easily disposed of through an opening in an ash bin provided below.

Let the evening come to an end

Even if you don’t want to barbecue, the fireplace offers a nice, rustic campfire atmosphere.

Black is beautiful

Black, modern design – the fireplaces and furniture from our Black series set themselves stylishly in scene.

Accessories Variety

Turn your Remundi Grill into the perfect outdoor kitchen. From classic grill tongs and barbecue cutlery, to roasting rings, attachments, skewers or cooking hoods, we also offer cooking pots, wok sets and other accessories.

Find your favourite Grill

Everyone has different preferences:
Therefore, we have developed different designs to meet these needs.
Find the right one – because your grill is something very special.

I have questions about the Remundi products

We have compiled a compact list of frequently asked questions and care instructions for you.

Where do you get Remundi?

Our products can be purchased from our sales partners throughout Europe.